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Pioneering Vision
KG has a new vision of complex adaptive systems based on the ideas of Nobel Prize winner Ilya Prigogin ad which are characterized by non-linear thermodynamics, non-stable equilibriums and autocatalytic reactions. Based on this vision we develop advanced solutions for government, science, and commercial customers in different industries and transport.

Knowledge Genesis has successfully developed a number of advanced G2C (Government-To-Citizens), G2B (Government-To-Business) and G2G (Government-To- Government) solutions for e-Government applications which are now fully operated in Samara Region and some other regions of Russia.

Industry Solutions
KG is developed a number of commercial applications for various industries. In these applications KG use modern enterprise level information technologies (Java 2 EE and .Net) together with advanced agent-oriented knowledge based systems. We are developing adaptive schedulers and planners needed for real-time logistics and modern manufacturing.

A unique combination of battle-proved solutions and great experience of Knowledge Genesis team in different application domains makes company extremely attractive for outsourcing projects. We offer development and support of the innovative information systems, special software, etc.